Cracks in the real estate market

Signs of financial stress. The effects of higher interest rates have a 6 to 12 month lag period before showing up in the general economy. It appears we’re seeing those related issues now. A Canadian real estate lender has recently halted redemptions on its fund. This means investors can’t get their money out which is a pretty big… Read More »

The 4 Day Work Week

By | 10/17/2022

Same pay for less work  Over the last couple of years an interesting trend has emerged in the job market. Instead of working the typical 40 hours a week, some jobs have switched to a 32 hour work week. Employees only come to work 4 days a week, so it’s pretty much a long weekend, every weekend. The… Read More »

When in doubt, zoom out

Paving the way for better future returns. The solution to a stock market correction (10% drop) is often a bear market (20% drop.) It sounds odd. If investors are already upset with a 10% decline of their investments, how would losing another 10% help? But it’s all about the time horizon. historically bear market years have been followed… Read More »